Herold Concrete Sawing

A Division of Streamline Enterprises

Specializing in:

  • Gas and Electric Flat Sawing
  • Wall Sawing
  • Hand Sawing
  • Core Drilling
  • Water and Dust Control
  • Demo & Haul Off
  • Self Contained Trucks
  • Hot Tapping


Concrete Saw Cutting


Concrete Flat Sawing

Concrete flat saw cutting is the most known and utilized method of diamond cutting in most construction industries. Flat sawing is referred to as "slab sawing" since most horizontal concrete installations are called slabs. Flat sawing uses a mounted diamond blade on a walk-behind machine requiring one operator. Flat sawing can be powered electrically or gas-powered, which helps when project sites are remote. Typical applications for flat sawing include cutting reinforced concrete floors and trenching for electrical and plumbing installation.


Concrete Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is cutting doors, windows, and other openings into existing concrete walls with a diamond saw blade by a licensed operator. The results of wall sawing allow contractors to install HVAC systems, vents, doors, garages, and windows in concrete structures allowing more functionality and access. Wall sawing is cost-effective compared to concrete removal and other construction options and allows you to use existing structures. When wall sawing is done properly, it can maintain all structural integrity of the building.

Hand Sawing

Concrete hand sawing is an efficient concrete cutting solution that works for projects with less space or difficult-to-reach places. Some projects require hand sawing due to the access to the work area and use a small handheld diamond blade saw. Herald Industrial Concrete Saw Cutting offers professional hand sawing on location. Our team of experienced operators uses state-of-the-art hand saws.


Concrete Core Drilling

Herald Industrial Concrete Saw Cutting provides concrete core drilling, also called concrete coring, which is the process of extracting a concrete cylinder from a concrete structure or slab. Concrete core drilling uses a diamond cutting end connected to a steel tube and an anchor to stabilize the rig. Core drilling creates space for electrical wiring, plumbing, heating, and the creation of vaults and utility holes.

Water and Dust Control

Concrete saw cutting produces large amounts of dust containing silica which can harm the lungs after being ingested for a long time. Herald Industrial Concrete Saw Cutting prides itself on safety and using the most effective wet control methods to keep silica dust at a minimum.

Concrete Demolition and Haul Off

Herald Industrial Concrete Saw Cutting offers concrete demolition and will haul all concrete and debris from the job site. Herald Industrial are professional concrete saw-cutting specialist with decades of concrete demolition experience in Yuma, Arizona, and the surrounding area.