Utilities Division

Large utilities pipe being installed.

Streamline Enterprises' underground utility crews have completed numerous projects for private developers, local municipalities, state agencies, and private companies. Our firm specializes in underground utility construction, ranging from wide-open subdivisions to open desert developments and inner-city utility construction.

Our underground utility contractors provide essential services that involve installing, maintaining, and repairing various utility systems beneath the ground. Here are three essential services they typically perform:

Completed Projects:

  • General Motors Hot Weather Test Track
  • 42nd Place Partners 80 Acre Subdivision
  • Yuma International Airport
  • Dole Lettuce Cooling Facility
  • Foothills High School Pre-insulated Chilled Water


Our underground utility contractors provide a comprehensive range of services, including utility installation for essential systems such as water, sewer, electrical, and telecommunications. They also ensure the ongoing reliability of these systems through maintenance and repair, preventing disruptions and environmental hazards. Furthermore, their expertise in utility locating and mapping safeguards against accidental damage during construction, promoting both worker safety and the seamless operation of utility networks.